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How do you tell if your coworker likes you?

5 minutes

We spend so much time with our work colleagues, it's inevitable that romantic interest is going to develop at times. If she has a crush on you she can’t always be so obvious because she has to be professional. But if she does like you, she won’t be able to help but signal it sometimes through her actions and behaviour towards you. Pay attention to the following signs.

Why did she break up with me?

4 minutes

Going through a breakup can be very confusing, especially if you thought things were going well and it hits you out of the blue. If she’s given you her reasons, you may be even more confused, mainly because women don’t really know why they make decisions when it comes to relationships, they follow their hearts, and so their justifications don’t seem to make sense from a guy’s perspective.

Why is my girlfriend deleting messages?

3 minutes

If your girlfriend is deleting her messages, then there is one simple explanation: she doesn’t want you to see what was written.

Signs that she is still in love with you

7 minutes

Sometimes it's very difficult for guys to tell if their wives or girlfriends are still in love with them. In fact, most guys don’t even know what makes women fall in love in the first place. There are subtle signs that reveal how she feels.

What are the signs she isn't in love with me anymore?

7 minutes

The word "love" is generally used as a universal term, as if everybody loves the same way. But the reality is women and men love each other very differently. This can make it very tough for guys to tell if their partner is still in love with them. You need to pay attention to her behaviour to spot the signs of love.