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Is she the one?

5 minutes

It's quite a common belief that there is a special girl out there for every guy. A perfect girl that can love you unconditionally and complete you as a person. Unfortunately, idealising love and women in this way is unrealistic and gives you bad expectations. It's a recipe for relationship disaster.

How do I stop my girlfriend from nagging?

6 minutes

A nagging girlfriend is a common complaint from guys. If your girlfriend is nagging you, it's a sign that she is losing, or has lost attraction for you. So the solution is to improve your attraction, but this is actually complicated to do unless you understand what makes you attractive in the first place.

What does it mean when she says she wants a break?

5 minutes

If your girlfriend has told you that she wants a break from your relationship, it’s not a good sign. Her feelings have changed towards you and she is reconsidering you as a partner.

Signs she cheated on you last night

6 minutes

Ok, so we can’t know for sure what happened last night, but if you have suspicions that she was up to no good, then they’ll probably be some signs. Here’s a list of subtle signs that nobody ever talks about but could be very revealing.

What should I do when my girlfriend is mad at me?

6 minutes

If your girlfriend is mad at you, the worst thing you can do is grovel for forgiveness and try to win her over with gifts. This is a guaranteed way to lose respect and attraction, but crazily so many guys do it.