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How do you tell if your coworker likes you?

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We spend so much time with our work colleagues, it's inevitable that romantic interest is going to develop at times. If she has a crush on you she can’t always be so obvious because she has to be professional. But if she does like you, she won’t be able to help but signal it sometimes through her actions and behaviour towards you. Pay attention to the following signs.

If you’re new, she makes sure to introduce herself to you

This will be subtle and the context of the interaction is important. Obviously if she is your boss, she will make sure you know who she is, it doesn't mean she likes you. But if she’s just a colleague, and especially if she’s not really part of your department, and takes the effort to introduce herself to you, then it could be a sign that you have caught her eye. Going out of her way to make sure you know who she is a positive sign. She’s curious about you.

She comes to speak to you in person, not just over email

The modern workplace is a place of digital communications. A lot of communication takes place over email and other messaging services. But real emotions only occur in real face-to-face interactions. If she makes an effort to talk to you in person, maybe she comes to you desk or your floor, then it could be a sign that she feels good around you. If she feels good around you, then she likes you.

She greets you and asks you about your personal life

When you arrive in the morning, she greets you and is happy to give you her attention. She talks to you about things other than work. Maybe she asks about your evening or life outside of the office. She seems genuinely interested in what you get up to. Maybe she even asks you about your relationship status. Maybe she teases you a little. Subtle signs like these are often overlooked by guys, but they usually mean she has some interest in you.

She looks at you

This is probably one of the most obvious signs that guys usually miss. If she really likes you, you will catch her looking at you at some point, not just at times when she is talking to you. She may look at you across the office, or when you are interacting with other colleagues, or over the table at lunch. You may notice it out of the corner of your eye, that she seems to be paying attention to you when you're interacting with other people. Women are hugely attracted to guys with good social skills and love to watch them.

She communicates with you using her expressions

Maybe you're in a boring meeting and she looks to you and rolls her eyes. Maybe a colleague has done something stupid again and she looks to you and smiles. The key sign of interest here is that she feels you "get" her and she is comfortable sharing her true emotional state with you, not the social mask she wears to be professional. This makes you a little bit special in her mind, she probably likes you.

She talks about you to other colleagues

If a colleague likes you, she'll probably talk about you to other colleagues in a good way. An even stronger sign that she likes you is when she asks her colleagues for more information about you. Actively showing an interest in you and trying to figure out what kind of guy you are is a positive sign of interest.

She makes sure you’re coming out on work social events

When the work socials come around, and she encourages you to go, take that as a sign that she likes you. Socialising outside of work provides her with the best opportunity to get to know you better. She knows that alcohol will be flowing and people will be more relaxed, she may be hopeful that you share her feelings.

She goes to lunch with you

Lunch time is free time so if she chooses to spend it with you, it could be because she likes you. It could also just be because she needs to escape her desk. There is a subtlety in who is "leading" the lunch that needs to be recognised before figuring out if she likes you. Is she coming for a walk with you? Or are you having lunch with her? The first indicates interest, the second indicates she's just being social.

You see each other out of work

Perhaps the most obvious of signs, if she wants to spend time with you outside of work, she probably likes you more than just colleagues.


Figuring out if your colleague likes you or not can be a difficult game. People often adjust their behaviour at work and mask their emotions. However, there will always be some "leakage", and if you pay attention you can spot it.