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Should I text my ex?

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We've all been there. Usually after a few drinks, late at night, your mind starts to wander. You think about that girl. The one you can't seem to shake from your heart. Maybe you miss her. Maybe you just want to make sure she is ok. Should you text her?

You already know the answer

No. You shouldn't text her. You know the answer already. Your emotions may be urging you to reach out, but your head knows better. You know it's not right, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. Your emotions are tricking you.

Your perception of love is not real

If you want to text her, then you probably still love her. You still love her because your perception of love is not real. Guys have a tendency to be idealists when it comes to love. We think love is an unbreakable bond. Loving someone means you would give your life for them. That's how we love our friends and family right? So that's how we love our girlfriends and wives.

The problem is, that's not how women love guys. Women love guys for what they can do for them. It can be a powerful bond, but it can be broken and given to someone else easily.

She's your ex for a reason

Chances are you still feel that bond. You're still attached to her. You miss texting her. But if she's your ex, then you probably broke up for a good reason. And she has probably broken her bond to you and given it to someone else. Texting her will mean nothing to her in this case.

She would have texted you if she wanted to

If she hasn't broken her bond yet, then you would know. She would have texted you! She would have told you clearly that she still loves you.

But if you're thinking about texting her, then she probably hasn't messaged you. She has probably moved on. If she receives a text from you, she will likely ignore it.

Text other girls

It's easy to believe that she was the special girl for you. But the reality is that there are lots of other girls out there. Your efforts are better spent texting them. Enjoy texting new people without the emotional baggage that comes with your previous relationship. Remind yourself how fun it can be.

You don't need her to be happy

You probably have the desire to text her because you feel you are missing something in your life. That you can't even be happy without her. This belief will mess you up in the head. You are enough as you are. You don't need somebody else to complete you.


You want to text your ex, but you know you shouldn't. Don't do it. Focus on building yourself and building new relationships.