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Signs that she is still in love with you

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Sometimes it's very difficult for guys to tell if their wives or girlfriends are still in love with them. In fact, most guys don’t even know what makes women fall in love in the first place. There are subtle signs that reveal how she feels.

If you've been in a relationship for a while and want to know if she still loves you, then you have to observe how she behaves towards you. Her behaviour is key to knowing how she feels on the inside. She may tell you she is in love, but if her behaviour says otherwise then she is probably trying not to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth. If she does love you, she will let you know through her actions, but they may sometimes be subtle so you have to pay close attention.

If she loves you, she’ll want to make you happy

This is the best signal that she regards you as an attractive man. If she has the general vibe about her that she wants to make you happy, she doesn't want to upset you, and actually enjoys pleasing you, then she probably likes you a lot. If a girl finds you attractive, she’s going to want to keep you around. So most girls will be happy to make you happy, because she has a good thing going for her and doesn’t want to jeopardise it.

The following examples really all reflect this single mentality. Is she actively trying to increase you happiness or does she not care and seems to be actively trying to make you unhappy?

She laughs at your jokes (even if you’re not funny)

When a girl loves you, she will find you funny even if you’re not. All of your little jokes and comments will be a perfect excuse for her to start smiling and giggling. She will love talking to you for this alone, because being able to make her laugh is a key skill when it comes to making her feeling in love.

On the other hand, if you rarely get her smiling or she seems more annoyed when you try to joke, this could be a sign that she’s fallen out of love with you.

She doesn’t bother you with small things

Women in love respect the guy they’re in love with. They know the guy has priorities in life and tasks to complete, so she will try to make it easier for him to get the important tasks done by not bothering you with extra jobs. This is true only if she feels your contribution is greater than hers, that you are the leader in your relationship. If you don’t have much responsibility, or she feels she is carrying too much weight in the relationship, her respect and love for you will fade.

She wants to stay in touch with you when you’re apart

When she loves you, she will love being around you. So much so that when you’re apart she will want to stay in touch regularly to feel like she's close to you. She will take advantage of modern technology to ask you how your day is going, send messages of affection and to laugh and flirt with you. If the love has gone, her messages will be few and far between and only about day-to-day tasks, they will lack emotion and desire.

She encourages you to be better

A man worth loving is a man worth encouraging. A woman in love will want her man to be the best he can be so she will push him to achieve more and cheer him up if he fails. She trusts your ability to succeed in spite of the obstacles and realises you are a good investment. However, if you’re optimism and ambition have faded, so will her love for you. Her encouragement may turn into nagging as she no longer sees you applying yourself to life and she will lose confidence in you.

She teases you (but only every now and then)

We’ve all heard about the nagging wife that drives her husband into depression. That is a clear sign that she no longer loves him. But a girl in love will still enjoy teasing her man, mainly to see if he will be affected by it. She wants to know you’re not emotionally affected by her teasing and that you’re still the cool guy she fell in love with. If you are too easily annoyed or take her comments too seriously, she will question your maturity. Women can’t love a man that takes things to heart too easily.

She notices small changes in your moods

Women have an amazing ability to read subtle body language and interpret emotions. In a loving relationship, she will become acutely aware of the subtleties of your behaviour and how you feel. She will also take it upon herself to try to keep you in a positive emotional state as best she can, to keep you happy and to keep you at your best. She may do this by being cheerful around you, being silly with you, hugging you and expressing how much she loves you.

Not caring about how you feel is a huge signal that there is no love left. And if she actively tries to make you feel worse, then it may be time to reconsider your relationship.

She tries to figure out hidden meanings in what you say (even if there aren’t any)

A loving girlfriend will often be trying to understand how you feel about her. Do you love her as much as she loves you? She will pay close attention to how you talk to her, about her and what your opinions and preferences are. She may remember you said something positive about a particular dress she wore and will make sure she wears it more often for you. This will happen throughout the relationship as you both develop your identities. If she has zero interest in what you think, then it’s safe to say, there isn’t much love there.

She enjoys doing boring things with you

Love is addictive, and just being around the person you love gives you a fix. If she loves you, it doesn’t really matter what you do together, she will enjoy it. Grocery shopping and walks will become your regular dates. She won't expect exciting adventures (although these would be a plus), she’ll be perfectly content helping you pack your shopping bags. She just wants to make you happy after all.

When there is no love, she probably can’t wait to be away from you. Day-to-day outings will become chores and she will lack genuine desire. She may even complain about how you never take her on interesting dates! This is a strong sign that your behaviour has changed and she has lost her love.

She still loves touching you (and being touched by you)

Perhaps one of the most obvious signals that she loves you is that she still enjoys to touch and be touched by you. This isn’t just sexually, but intimately throughout the day. She may want to sit close to you, to hold your hand, to massage you and enjoys it when you return the favour. Does she embrace your attempts at physicality or does she pull away?


A girl in love will behave the same way she did at the beginning of the relationship as the end. If she has changed her behaviour over the years, you may forget what this loving behaviour is like. If she's in love, there will be plenty of signs through her actions.